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The first massively distributed cloud platform

Move your cloud infrastructure closer to the edge than ever before.

Improve performance,

reduce costs

Built for developers

Simple and easy to use API, designed by developers for developers. Integrate seamlessly with AWS and existing infrastructure.

Improve QoS and speeds

Our unique infrastructure unlocks radical improvements to latency, processing speeds, reach and uptime.

Reduce server spend

Leverage our distributed network to reduce your infrastructure spend. Save up to 75% compared to AWS and GCP.

Video Delivery

Low latency video delivery. Anywhere in the world.

Harness thousands of globally distributed servers to rapidly accelerate your video delivery.

We have built a state-of-the-art CDN from the ground up. With servers in 100+ countries, our clients see 50% faster delivery times than the average video player.

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Video Transcoding

Blisteringly fast video transcoding. Finish tasks in minutes, not days.

Leverage our massively distributed supercomputer for accelerated transcoding at up to 120x realtime. Save on bandwidth and processing speeds.

FluidStack parallelises transcoding tasks over thousands of global servers to give an industry leading performance. All major formats supported and multi codec streaming (HEVC, VP9 and AV1) reduces file sizes by up to 50%.

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Residential IPs

Intelligent business insights with geographically distributed residential IPs.

Improve business intelligence with superior content verification and other insights from thousands of geographically distributed servers.

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Video Player

Market-leading video player. A third of the cost.

By harnessing our own global infrastructure network, FluidStack offers 50-70% lower prices than other competing video players.

Access every device by transcoding into adaptive streaming formats. Reduce costs with codec optimisation. Simplify your workflow with our simple APIs.

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