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The first massively distributed cloud platform

Move your cloud infrastructure closer to the edge than ever before.

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Improve performance, reduce costs

FluidStack has developed cutting-edge technology to orchestrate tens of thousands of hyper-local PoPs. Leverage our record-breaking global network to vastly improve your video streaming performance and customer experience at a fraction of the cost.

Video Transcoding

Superfast video transcoding, running on thousands of servers.

Leverage our globally distributed supercomputer to transcode your videos faster than real-time.

Access every device by transcoding into adaptive streaming formats. Reduce costs with codec optimisation. Simplify your workflow with our simple APIs.

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Built for developers

Integrate with Fluidstack quickly and effortlessly, using our developer friendly APIs.

Promote longer views

Improve your bitrates and decrease buffering times. With Fluidstack, your viewers are never left waiting for content.

Reduce server spend

Leverage our distributed network to reduce your infrastructure spend with prices up to 50% lower than AWS.

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