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Video Platform

Harness thousands of FluidStack servers to increase your video delivery speeds.

Best-in-class global delivery performance

We have thousands of servers distributed in countries around the world, putting us closer to your users than anyone else. Ensure rapid video delivery regardless of geography. With ultra-low latencies our distributed infrastructure out-performs most legacy video players in the market.

FluidStack video packages

Our player provides everything you need to deliver high quality video all around the world. We take care of device compatibility, delivery infrastructure, creating the perfect video experience so you can focus on your core business. Transcoding and CDN services are also able to be purchased separately and easily integrated within your current infrastructure.

Lightning fast playback

Deliver high-quality on-demand video across any desktop or mobile platform. Using HLS adaptive streaming and hyper-local servers, we ensure your viewers get the best experience possible.

Simple implementation and management

Manage your videos and data through an intuitive web dashboard. Robust, developer friendly API will get you set up in minutes.

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