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Video Transcoding

Leverage the FluidStack distributed supercomputer for a record breaking encoding service.

Get content online faster

Fluidstack orchestrates a proprietary network of tens of thousands of servers around the world to enable market leading transcoding speeds - up to 100x real time.

Video files are sliced and up and encoding jobs are then parralelised across our network. Our infrastructure means videos can be transcoded in a matter of seconds not minutes, and customers will not find tasks bottlenecked by server availability.

Digital media and news platforms can realise a significant first to air advantage by radically speeding up video upload speeds.

Adaptive formats

Adaptive formats (MPEG-DASH and HLS) allow simple multi-platform streaming. As well as standard resolutions and formats, we support 4K and VR transcoding at a fraction of the cost of incumbent platforms.

Reduce overall streaming costs

Intelligent transcoding will reduce the overall CDN costs for your video content, and maintain a high quality viewing experience.

24/7 support

Built by a team of experienced video engineers, we understand the pain points involved with integration. A simple and easy API enables fast and hassle free integrations, with easy AWS and GCP compatibility. We have a dedicated support team available 24/7 to respond to questions and concerns.

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