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Software Engineer, Infrastructure


FluidStack is looking for a self-driven infrastructure engineer to help us build and scale our grid-computing powered cloud platform.

You will develop tools and best practices for tracking, orchestrating, and monitoring our hundreds of thousands of nodes. For example, tools for efficiently storing, replicating, and transfering data between nodes. Most importantly, you will help ensure that our engineers can more easily and confidently develop and deploy new features and products.

Once you've joined the team, we will get you up to speed with our system and architecture, you'll begin working with us on existing projects and tackling current problems. You will then quickly become involved in all stages of development of future projects, from ideation through architecture and execution.


You could be what we're looking for if you:

  • Enjoy solving difficult problems and working on something new and exciting.
  • Have experience working with large deployments.
  • Think about systems - their edge cases, failure modes, and lifecycles.

Bonus points if you:

  • Are familiar with Go. If not, it's easy to learn!
  • Have experience with container and cluster management tools (Docker, Kubernetes, Nomad).
  • Know a thing or two about Hadoop MapReduce or Apache Spark.
  • Know your way around the core Internet protocols (BGP, IP, TCP, DNS, TLS, HTTP).


FluidStack is just a small team right now, so you'd be getting in right at the ground floor and have an enormous impact on the success and direction of the company and product. You will have the opportunity to work alongside talented engineers to build and ship a product that will be deployed across hundreds of thousands of devices.

We offer significant equity, unlimited holiday, health insurance, equipment of your choice, a learning and training budget, and all the usual startup perks.

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Drop us an email at with your CV and couple sentences about why you want to work with FluidStack!

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