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You will be the first non-technical employee, helping us build out our operational processes as we gear up towards our Series A later this year.

This is a role for a generalist; you will be responsible for defining, implementing, and eventually building and running teams to handle these operational processes. You will be able to have a significant impact on the business. Over your first year, you will be expected to build out one (or several) of the operational functions below:

  • Marketing: You will lead marketing efforts for user acquisition, including unifying and analyzing data across different channels, and optimizing marketing spend.
  • Sales: You will help us optimize our sales process, and be responsible for defining a customer success process to help ensure that our paying customers are happy.
  • Product: You will help coordinate our engineering and sales teams, helping to search for the best features and products to launch.
  • Hiring: As we approach our Series A, help us build out a hiring process and team so that we can quickly scale once we finish raising.
  • Generally building and optimising scalable processes to prepare the company for rapid growth!
  • You will be reporting directly to the founders, and will be given a huge amount of responsibility and breadth from working across different aspects of the business.


    You could be who we are looking for if any of these sound like you:

  • Passionate and intellectually curious about technology and start-ups.
  • Data driven and analytical: numbers are your best friend and every one of your decisions will be backed by numerical proof. SQL knowledge is a big plus!
  • You have a desire to make a big impact, and a strong drive to get things done.
  • Eager and fast learner. You will be building out systems that currently don’t exist, and will need to be able to rapidly learn and adapt to meet the needs of the business.
  • Hungry for autonomy. The world is your oyster here, and we’re looking for people who can take advantage of that and thrive in that environment.
  • Benefits

    FluidStack is just a small team right now, so you'd be getting in right at the ground floor and have an enormous impact on the success and direction of the company and product. You will have the opportunity to work alongside talented engineers to build and ship a product that will be deployed across hundreds of thousands of devices.

    We offer significant equity, unlimited holiday, health insurance, equipment of your choice, a learning and training budget, and all the usual startup perks.


    Drop us an email at with your CV and couple sentences about why you want to work with FluidStack!

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